The ABDA is involved in engaging the community in activities such as group walks, group exercise, church health promotion sessions, and school outreach. Our activities open to any person interested in learning about diabetes! We are also actively host events for World Diabetes Day and provide interviews for local media. Contact us to find out more!

Our activities include:

  • Group Exercise and Regular Walks
  • Group Awareness Activities
    The Diabetes Association in collaboration with the Lions Club of Antigua held a glucose screening at the Lions’ Den; participants were also able to have their BMI, cholesterol levels and blood pressure checked. Counseling was also available
  • School Outreach Programmes
    Teaching Children portion control through the in school “Choosing the right size mango” seminar
  • Providing Educational Segments on ABS

  • Organizing Events for World Diabetes Day
  • Representing Antigua at International Diabetes Events

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