Case Study 2

Mrs. Pompey is 45 years old and lives in All Saints. She goes to her family doctor for her annual check-up. She complains of sometimes being thirsty and feeling as though she has “pins” in her feet, but feels otherwise alright. She notes that she had gestational diabetes, but that was over 15 years ago. Her doctor sends her for testing.

Questions for you

    1. What is Prediabetes?
    2. What is Type II Diabetes?
    3. Who is at risk for these conditions?
    4. What tests will Mrs. Pompey undergo to determine if she has Prediabetes or Type II Diabetes? How will the results differ if she has Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes? (Check Diabetes Overview section)
    5. Do you think the feeling of “pins” in Mrs. Pompey’s are related to her diabetes? (Check the Diabetes and Your Body section to make sure)
    6. What education is important is important for Mrs. Pompey and her family?
    7.  Make a long-term diabetes management for Mrs. Pompey assuming that a) she has Prediabetes or b) she has Type II Diabetes. How can she maximize her quality of life?